Sometimes getting your kiddos to brush their teeth can seem like a constant uphill battle. Trying to get them into a routine or getting them to understand the importance of good oral hygiene can be exhausting to say the least. Here are some hacks to help make your life run a little smoother, while  you create good dental habits in your childrens lives.  Try a few of these below, so your kids grow up understanding the importance of good dental health.


As soon as your little one can hold a toothbrush, you should begin teaching them about dental care. Not just how to do it, but why. Here are a few tips to help them understand the value of good oral health while making it fun at the same time.

* Use educational books and TV shows : There are so many books and shows available now to help you begin to introduce the importance of good oral hygiene. Read the books and watch the shows together. This is a great tool for kids to begin to grasp why they should practice good oral health.

Use a dental chart : Make a fun chart together that has all the steps of brushing their teeth, how long they should brush their teeth and be sure to include both a morning and night routine. Cut out pictures from magazines, decorate it in fun colors and have them personalize it. Hang it in their bathroom so they can follow the steps and mark down their activity. Keep a timer or clock in their bathroom as well, so they can make sure to brush for two minutes each time.

Have them go shopping : Involving them in the process of picking out their tooth brush and all the products needed, will give them a sense of independence and ownership. On your next trip to the store, have them help you pick out their toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss.

*Lead by example : Just telling them to do it will not be enough…. brush your teeth with them. When they see you do it as well, it teaches them that good oral hygiene is something we do our entire lives. And if it is important to you, it will become important to them.


Whenever you make your next trip to the store to buy your dental supplies, plan to buy more then just what is needed at that moment. When you have extra supplies, it ensures that you will never run out. Also, when it’s time to change that toothbrush, if you have multiple colors and styles to choose from, it will make it fun for them to pick out a favorite.


Taking your children to the dentist for regular cleanings and exams is vital. This will help to minimize any problems that could arise in the future and create a healthy habit of visiting the dentist. If this is something they always have done, it will not seem unusual to them when they get older to make and keep their every six months cleanings.

Starting to teach your kids at an early age, the importance of good oral health habits is very important. You are giving them a great foundation to continue this habit as they grow older. Use these tips above to help the process, but also educate them on not only  the how, but the why. When they are little, talk to them about “stinky breath” and a healthy mouth. But as they get older and can understand better, teach them about cavities, gum disease and losing teeth.

And most importantly….Have Fun with this, Don’t make it a chore!