Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered, are my teeth yellow? Overtime, it is not uncommon for your teeth to stain. There are many causes to this. Do you drink coffee, tea, pop, sports drinks, wine? Did you know that there are foods that can cause staining as well? Many citrus foods and even berries can cause tooth discoloration!

If you have begun to notice that your teeth are not as white as they once were, no worries! Rosewood Dental does AMAZING teeth whitening! We even have a whitening for life, patient loyalty program!

So How do you join the program?

* First, you will need a consult with us, to see if you qualify as a whitening candidate. Once you have been approved, we will schedule you for a 1 hour in office whitening appointment, which is a ‘Jump Start’ to your at home whitening. You will receive custom made take home trays and whitening gel, as well. In order to stay in the loyalty program, You will be responsible for keeping your hygiene cleanings every 6 months!!

How does the program work?

* By maintaining your hygiene appointments every 6 months, you will be given complementary touch-up whitening syringes to use at home, for LIFE from your dental professional, after completing each cleaning appointment.

What happens if you miss a teeth cleaning appointment?

* We understand that life happens, and sometimes appointments need to be cancelled. We just ask that you get that appointment rescheduled in a timely manner. If you miss multiple cleanings, and do not get rescheduled, you will be dismissed from the program! 

Is there a cost to be in the program?

* To be enrolled in the program, you will need to purchase the 1 hour in house treatment and custom made whitening trays. This is a one time payment. No additional costs to you if you keep up with the above requirements.


If this is something you are interested in, please call our office. We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have and get you scheduled for a consult.  (269)-349-7393


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