Athletic Mouthguards in Kalamazoo, MI

Mouthguards have become so popular amongst athletes that it would be very surprising to see an athlete participating without one. This is because mouthguards provide such good protection for your teeth, tongue, and mouth. Anyone doing serious athletics or playing a sport can benefit from a high quality mouthguard.

High-Performance Mouthguards For All Kinds Of Athletes

Rosewood Dentistry offers customized mouthguards molded to fit your very own teeth. We use professional vacuum-formed plastics that are custom made to fit each tooth and contour perfectly. The process is very easy; we simply take an impression and notify you when your mouthguard is finished, typically within a few weeks so you can try it out. With a perfectly-fitting mouthguard, you will experience greater comfort and protection.

In addition to performance mouthguards, Rosewood Dental carries a type that includes a small wedge to prevent the jaw from fully “seating” when it is clenched. Some research indicates that seating may cause the body to produce cortisol, a stress hormone that can have a slight detrimental effect on athletic performance. By keeping your body from producing as much cortisol, it could help give you that little extra edge.

Rosewood Dental is a certified mouthguard provider, and you can choose from many different color and design options to best fit your style and sport.

Athletic mouthguards have been shown by the ADA (American Dental association) to correspond with fewer injuries. Aside from the discomfort, preventing expensive dental repairs can be another benefit.

Better Protection from Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Why is a custom athletic mouthguard better than an over-the-counter version? While over-the-counter mouthguards are cheaper, they do not give the same level of protection, comfort, or longevity. They may be larger, harder to talk with, and even harder to breath with than one that has been made specifically to fit your mouth.

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