Are you someone who suffers from migraines? This can be such a debilitating thing when they come on. Most people take pain medications, turn lights off, go to bed and just “deal” with their migraines. But, have you ever thought to see your dentist for this?

Everyone clenches their teeth at night when sleeping, some worse than others. This clenching can lead to the cause of headaches. A dentist can do an exam and make a guard for you to wear at night, while you sleep. By wearing this guard, it reduces the intensity of the clenching by not allowing the back teeth to touch. By doing this, the grinding and clenching are minimized.

If you are someone who has just lived with your migraines, and have never seen your dentist for this issue, please call our office to schedule an exam. We would be happy to help you. (269)-349-7393

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