Forms of the toothbrush date back to 3000 BC when people would use twigs or “chew sticks” to rub against their teeth and help freshen their breath. The modern toothbrush as we know it today, was developed in 1938 and the first electric toothbrush was invented in 1939. The question is, does the power toothbrush really do a better job then the manual toothbrush? The answer is, YES!


When you brush with a power toothbrush, you do so much more for your oral health, then with a mannual one. It cleans better between your teeth, removes more plaque and helps with gum health. Now the question is HOW does it do this?

* MORE MOVEMENT – because there is so much more movement with an electric toothbrush per minute, it can remove so much more plaque along the gumline.

* PRESSURE SENSOR – some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensor that help you keep gums healthy, by preventing you from brushing too hard. 

* TIMER – most have a built in timer that help you brush for the dentist recommended two minutes


Here at Rosewood Dental we recommend using the Crest Oral-B power toothbrush. We have them for purchase in our office for the At Cost price, along with a mail-in rebate. Call our office if you would like more information, or if we can answer any questions for you.


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