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Child Patient Photo, Kalamazoo Family DentistBelow are some frequently asked questions, answered online for your convenience by our family dentist.  Kalamazoo children and parents alike benefit from being educated about their teeth. Rosewood Dental is proud to back up the answers below with the best service possible.
Why should we fix baby teeth? They are going to fall out anyway, right?
There are several reasons to fix primary teeth:

  • To avoid possible damage to developing permanent teeth
  • They help guide eruption of permanent teeth
  • They help children to chew and speak properly
  • Cavities that are allowed to continue to grow may cause your child to have a toothache or a harmful infection
  • The infectious bacteria in the carious tooth travel around and may harm other teeth

Is it going to hurt?
Your child's tooth will be numbed before the procedure to avoid any discomfort. Please try not to mention the word "hurt." It will only put ideas in their head that it may/will be painful. It is easy for us to subconsciously project our own fears onto our children. We want the visit to be a positive one!

Does that mean that they will be getting a shot?
We will describe all procedures to your child in simple, non-threatening terms (sleepy jelly, sleepy juice). Please do not tell your child that they are "getting a shot." Most children do not realize that the slight pinch they feel is an injection. We just tell them that it is a pinch and they are ok with that.

What can I do to make the visit go more smoothly?
Make sure that your child gets a good rest the night before, and has a good breakfast/lunch (limit the amount of caffeine and sugar). Tell them about the visit, but limit the amount of detail. Explain to them that the dentist and his helper will answer all of their questions. Stress to them how important healthy teeth are, and that the dentist is there to help them keep their teeth healthy. We will show them all of the instruments and describe the sound/feel of each. Keep in mind that it is normal for your child to be fearful of the unknown, but be assured that we are trained to deal with their fear and anxiety and will put them at ease.

Can I go into the treatment room with them?
Our staff needs to focus all attention on the child, and needs the child to focus all attention on him and what is being explained. It can be dangerous for the child to be looking around. Under certain circumstances, we may ask you to come back to the room to discuss something, but generally, we ask that you remain in the reception area.

What about after the appointment? Are there any special instructions that I need to know?
We will discuss aftercare with you following the visit. The most important thing for you to remember is that you have done a good thing for your child's health by bringing them to a quality family dentist. Kalamazoo residents know that when they come in to Rosewood Dental, they're going to experience professional and attentive care.  You, your child, and the dentist are partners. We welcome your questions!

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